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What our customers are saying

"We used to post on a national brand; but, we grew extremely dissatisfied with the quality (and ridiculous quantity) of applicants.  Using our newspaper's new solution, we recently received 200 views and only 26 applications BUT, 90% of them were quality and we hired someone yesterday.  Our time-to-hire went from six to 12 weeks down to three."

Sally P
Hiring manager in healthcare
"We often need temporary help to meet seasonal demand, especially for the holidays, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.  Your new solution lets us source the workers we need quickly, and with minimal hassle.  We love it!"

Joe V
Shift supervisor at a restaurant chain
"In the past, we located individual job boards and posted on each one.  it was expensive, a pain to manage, and we were never sure we were getting the right boards.  Now, we just post once, and the system selects the best places for us.  More time to focus on interviews, selection, and on-boarding, which makes my managers very happy."

Karen A
HR manager, engineering company